Routes to Resilience

Our director facilitators have extensive experience working with individuals and teams, both in business and in public and charitable sector


Milly Sinclair

Milly has been working as a facilitator for over 20 years, particularly around areas of leadership, change, wellbeing, pressure management, stress and resilience. She has run resilience workshops with hundreds of staff and leaders, both in the UK and beyond.

Milly Sinclair has been a founding partner of two consultancies, Creative Edge : 1997-2007 and Milly Sinclair Associates : 2007-Present. She has over 10 years as an organisational systemic team coach. This means she not only looks at individuals and teams and what would enable them to remain more resilient, but also the wider organisation they are operating within. 

Previous clients include: Oxford University Press, Unicredit bank, Mitsubishi, Oxford University, Oxfam, Amnesty International, Vodafone, NHS, City of London Police, Easyjet, Virgin Atlantic.


Amaragita Pearse

Amaragita has been working in the field of training coaching and facilitating for the last 30 years. Her experience ranges from local authorities on conflict resolution and managing change to coaching programs for senior managers. She has designed and developed programmes for youth at risk and youth serving professionals working with the distinction-based learning methodology.

She has also been teaching meditation and mindfulness to adults and children for the last 15 years and runs retreats supporting individuals and groups to develop their wisdom and compassion.

Clients include: Triangle Social Enterprise, designing and developing the Outcome Star in various sectors. Transform Lives Company, Grit - breakthrough programmes, Young Potential, Wandsworth Social Care, Glasgow Caledonian University, SOAS, Nottingham Trent University.


Annie Davy

Annie is a freelance facilitator and executive coach. She specializes in participative learning, reflective practice and peer to peer collaboration.
Her background is in education and she has worked as a headteacher, inspector, lecturer and adviser and led an award winning service in the public sector for many years.

She co-founded several successful local community organisations and charities in Oxford City including Barracks Lane Community Garden, The Nature Effect CIC and the Flo’s – The Place in the Park. She is passionate about the benefits of working with nature. She  works systemically and includes  looking at the working and living environment for  increased wellbeing in education, work or life. She is author of several books and articles on child development, playwork, education and nature connection.

Clients include: Local authorities, schools, community organisations, social enterprises, local and national charities.

See my video talk on: Resilience and Wellbeing for You and Your Children

"The resilience model was very useful on multiple levels, creating a new way of seeing resilience across roles, culture and function. The facilitation was built on huge experience and wisdom, making it really rich and valuable." - Beth Knighton, Charity Director

"The Resilience workshop was interesting, thought-provoking and provided some good ideas and tools for exploring and developing one’s own and one’s team’s resilience. Enjoyable exercises and good balance of skills in the facilitators."  - Patsy Townsend  Director, Thames Valley Partnership

"Their skill has been to fully understand the systemic resistance to change within our company and to facilitate a creative shift forward.  We have moved rapidly from strength to strength.  I would highly recommend them to others." - Simon P Walker, Managing Director, Human Ecology

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