Routes to Resilience

Catalysing natural intelligence for the challenges that grow us


We work systemically with teams, organisations and community groups to tackle challenges created by internal and external pressures.

We build capacity to engage, grow, manage stress, stay well. and work happier.   

The Routes to Resilience help everyone to:

• Map and measure current reality: take stock, review, analyse, reflect

• Make choices: sharpen focus and determine what is needed

• Take practical steps to make things better: adapt, innovate, grow, support and sustain

We offer team days, workshops, peer facilitation tailored to meet clients’ needs, priorities and according to the systems in which they live, work and grow.

"If we surrendered to earth’s intelligence we could rise up rooted, like trees.” 

 Rainer Maria Rilke 

“They have sought to understand our culture and values and embed it in all the work they have done for us. Their flexible, whole-organisation approach and constant feedback has been tremendously
valuable, and I would highly recommend them to other organisations.” 
                   Liz Grolimund, HR Commissioner – Oxford University Press 

“This is the most powerful piece of development I've seen and has had a huge impact on the way we move forward as a business with our people." - Diana Hunter, CEO Conviviality Plc

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